Review of the Hyatt Place Downtown St. Petersburg

In January 2018, I had occasion to stay overnight in the Tampa Bay Area. What better excuse to check out revitalized downtown St. Pete and its plethora of craft beer, right? From past research, I knew that we could theoretically stay at the Hyatt Place Downtown St. Petersburg for only 5000 Hyatt reward points. But would […]

Brewery Review: Veza Sur Brewing Co. in Miami, Florida

I grew up in Miami and stayed there through my late-20’s. And my parents still live in Coral Gables, so I visit the city pretty often. On my most recent trip, I had a chance to check out one of the newest breweries, Veza Sur. I’ll get it out of the way up front…  Veza […]

Brewery Review: J. Wakefield in Miami, Florida

On Christmas Eve, after photographing Wynwood’s iconic street art for a couple hours, I headed over to J. Wakefield brewing, one of four breweries in the Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. J Wakefield has a small parking lot and if it’s full, there is the ubiquitous PayByPhone street parking available for $1.50 per hour. Everything is so close that […]

Wynwood And Its Famous Walls

In December 2017, I spent an afternoon taking in the Wynwood Walls, located in the vibrant Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. Besides art, this is also a key craft beer destination, boasting four breweries within walking distance of each other. I will be reviewing some of those venues separately, but before the drinking commenced, we first […]

Brewery Review: Palm City Brewing in Fort Myers, Florida

In December 2017, I visited Palm City Brewing in my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. I had been to Palm City Brewing once before during their “soft opening” several months ago and was definitely impressed. But between travel and everyday life getting in the way, I recently realized that I was way overdue for another visit […]