Brewery Review: Veza Sur Brewing Co. in Miami, Florida

I grew up in Miami and stayed there through my late-20’s. And my parents still live in Coral Gables, so I visit the city pretty often. On my most recent trip, I had a chance to check out one of the newest breweries, Veza Sur. I’ll get it out of the way up front…  Veza Sur is owned by InBev. As in Budweiser InBev. The beverage juggernaut has tapped Colombia’s Bogota Beer Company and Oregon’s 10 Barrel Brewing for the collaboration.

Veza Sur Brewing Co.

55 NW 25th St.

Miami, FL 33127

(786) 362-6300

If your party is driving, only street parking is available. Parking is the same PayByPhone system as elsewhere in Wynwood. You need to download the app and pay $1.50 per hour (3 hours maximum). Also note that all four of the Wynwood-area breweries are within walking distance of each other: Concrete Beach, J. Wakefield, Veza Sur, and Wynwood. So you could park once and hit several, taking in the impressive street art along the way!

Inside Veza Sur Brewing Co.

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Outside of Veza Sur Brewing in Miami Florida Outdoor seating at Veza Sur Brewing in Miami, Florida Outdoor seating at Veza Sur Brewing in Wynwood, Florida

The Veza Sur building and decor are definitely slick. There is a large outdoor space to chill and a smaller indoor area where the bar is located. There are many books and games available to occupy your time. Veza Sur doesn’t have a kitchen but they do have a resident food truck on premises called Baja Bao House. More on Baja Bao House later.

Interior of Veza Sur Brewing in Miami

The bar at Veza Sur Brewery in Miami Florida Books and games at Veza Sur Brewery in Miami Florida

What’s On Tap?

Being Miami, pretty much all of the craft breweries have a Latin influence but it is even stronger than usual at Veza Sur. They’re known for “beer cocktails” and Micheladas which is a purported hangover cure made with beer, lime juice, peppers, and other spices.

Veza Sur Brewing Beer List Veza Sur Brewing Beer Menu

Patrons did seem to be ordering the cocktails in droves, but I guess Colleen and I have more traditional tastes. We got a Trigo IPA and a Double IPA (that’s the actual name). Both of the IPA’s were just okay. Per the menu, the Trigo has some wheat added and the DIPA is described as being on the malty side. Neither are favorite IPA characteristics of ours, although that is certainly a personal preference. But we ordered them anyway because there was little else that appealled to us.

Since we were starving, we also decided to sample from the Baja Bao House food truck which is a semi-permanent fixture of Veza Sur. A bao is like a bun style taco and they also have more traditional style burritos but with Asian inspired fillings.

Unlike most breweries with food trucks, the servers actually take your order, fetch the food from the truck when ready, and bring it to you. The baos packed some seriously rich, complex layers of flavor but I did find them a bit pricey for the small size. Quite frankly, I would recommend Baja Bao more wholeheartedly if the prices were about 20% lower.

Meal from Baja Bao House at Veza Sur Brewing Miami.
Camerones al pastor bao, chicken mole bao, and double IPA.
Burrito from Baja Bao at Veza Sur Brewing Miami.
Trigo IPA and mahi-mahi burrito.

Still thirsty with some time to kill before meeting up with my folks, we grasped at straws and ordered a Mango Blonde Ale and the Per’la Coffee Porter. The Per’la was the best of the lot, in my opinion. Nothing earth shattering but nonetheless a solid porter with discernible flavor from the Brazilian coffee. The Mango Blonde tasted strangely sour and it was a bit of a struggle to get through the entire pint.

There is no doubt that Veza Sur has created a knockout atmosphere and they are trying something unique with the beer cocktails, but it just didn’t gel with Colleen and I. On the other hand, this would be an excellent place to take some non-hardcore beer drinkers or perhaps some out-of-town guests seeking the quintessential Miami vibe. But for me personally, this ranks at the bottom of the Wynwood-area breweries.