Review: La Aurora Hotel Colonial in Valladolid Mexico

In late-December 2017, I stayed at the La Aurora Hotel Colonial in Valladolid Mexico. This property is a former Hacienda that is oozing with charm and is very well located. It’s only a few short block to the main plaza in Valladolid. A less-than 5 minute walk, easy. If you are arriving by bus, the bus station is very close as well. The price seems to hover around $35 per night plus tax but does not include breakfast.

Arriving at the hotel late afternoon, we double parked our rental car in front and went inside to check in. If this hotel has any faults, it’s that the front desk staff isn’t very friendly. But we are pretty low maintenance so the lack of any sort of smile or pleasantries didn’t bother us much. After getting our room key, we were directed to park in their attached lot or somewhere down the street if the attached lot was full.

I don’t know what the situation is like in the overflow parking lot, but the attached lot is a tight squeeze. You had better be comfortable with your maneuvering skills and your vehicle’s dimensions, not always the case with a rental car! Or do like we did and have one person stand outside to direct.

The exterior of La Aurora Hotel Colonial in Valladolid
Forget to take an exterior photo in daylight! You can see the parking lot entrance to the left.

With the car finally parked, we headed up to our second floor room (accessible by stairs only). As you can see, the room was more-than-adequate for the price. Each room also has a mini-split air conditioner which you will definitely need, even in December!

Click any photo for a larger version.

Bedroom at la aurora hotel colonial in valladolid closet at la aurora hotel in valladolid mexico bathroom at la aurora hotel in valladolid yucatan bathroom at la aurora hotel colonial bathroom in valladolid mexico

And here is the courtyard and pool area. I understand that there is also a nice rooftop seating area with hot tubs, but the entrance to ascend was closed and locked both times we tried to access it.

Pool area at La Aurora Hotel Colonial in Valladolid

After a good nights sleep, we woke early to drive back to Cancun airport. Since we didn’t have a lot of time to wander out to a restaurant, we decided to have breakfast (and hopefully coffee!) at the hotel. But after waiting about 20 minutes, as well as letting the front desk know that we were waiting, nobody showed up to take our order so we gave up on breakfast and checked out. Perhaps they were short staffed since it was New Years Day.

In summary, La Aurora Hotel Colonial is an attractive, clean and convenient lodging option in Valladolid. As long as you’re not expecting much in the way of hospitality.

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