La Linda Brewpub in Merida, Mexico

On our second night in the Yucatan’s capital city of Merida, we headed over to La Linda Brewpub. Having just opened in November 2017, La Linda is a very recent addition to the Merida craft beer scene. They are located on the corner of Calle 60 and Calle 49 in Centro, not far from the Parque de Santa Ana. Actually, one could very easily walk between several points of interest for beer lovers: La Negrita, Hermanas Republica, and La Linda.

The building itself and the atmosphere were obviously given great consideration and have a fresh, modern look. A nice juxtaposition with so many of the historic elements of Merida. Sorry about the photo quality! The lighting wasn’t great and I only had my iPhone.

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outside of la linda in merida mexico

Interior of La Linda cerveceria in merida mexico Inside of La Linda Merida La Linda Merida mural.

Something I didn’t notice right away until I saw our first drinks being poured is that all beers, including the “house” selections, are bottled. La Linda has no draft system. Speaking of the house beers, there are five from Ciudad Blanca Brewing. I am not sure if there is joint ownership between La Linda and Ciudad Blanca Brewing, but they share the same logos/branding and seem to have crossover social media content. There is also a nice selection of other Mexican crafts which is even more extensive than what is listed so you definitely want to ask if you don’t see something that appeals to you.

la linda merida beer list
These are (some of) the guest brews.
la linda merida craft beer
The five “house” beers with descriptions.
la linda merida cervezeria
I loved these placemats!

ciudad blanco brewing list

We started with the Gitana Pale Ale. Even though this was only a 5.0% abv pale ale, I found it to be hoppier and much brighter than the stronger Patito IPA that we had the night before.

We wound up ordering some food as well. I negected to take a photo of the menu, but you can see it on La Linda’s facebook page. Fairly conventional stuff with tacos, burgers, and pizza. Colleen and I both opted for tacos, albeit different kinds. While they were a little smaller and pricier than others around town, they were definitely more gourmet with complex flavors. Several other guests ordered the burgers which looked good and were enormous.

For “desert”, we ordered the El Padrino Coffee Milk Stout which was solid, if not particularly memorable. If you like bigger stouts and porters like I do, Patito’s Vanilla Porter edges out El Padrino for sure.

After the round of stouts, we considered leaving but I liked the atmosphere at La Linda and there was a band setting up, so we ordered two of the guest IPA’s and tried to nurse them until the live music started. Both of the guest IPA’s were recommended by the manager and not from the list above, so I honestly can’t recall what they were. Having consumed a 1.2 litre bottle of Sol back at the hotel earlier, my mind was starting to get a little fuzzy at this point!

Since the band still hadn’t taken the stage and we had an early morning ahead of us going to the Mayapan Ruins, we decided to call it quits. I really enjoyed La Linda and I predict that they will catch on in a big, big way.

La Linda bar in Merida Mexico.