Kinich El Sabor Restaurant in Izamal, Mexico

After reading the superlative reviews on tripadvisor and Brittany Thiessen’s incredibly informative guide to Izamal, I knew that I just had to try Izamal’s most famous restaurant, Kinich El Sabor. Kinich is located in a beautiful building which is only a short walk from the main square.

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The exterior of kinich restaurant in Izamal

You enter into this lobby area which is as striking as the exterior. You can also browse some items for sale while you wait to be seated. Fortunately, there was no waiting list when we arrived (I took this photo when leaving).

The lobby of kinich el sabor.

Here are the dining areas. Two were in use, plus a third area that was empty. This is a deceptively large restaurant. I suspect that Kinich hosts large tour bus groups, although none were there during our meal. As you can see, the ambiance is very tropical and the servers wear traditional Mayan garb.

The dining room of kinich in izamal kinich el sabor dining room Tables inside Kinich restaurant Izamal

Looking up, I noticed dozens of clear plastic bags hanging from the rafters, filled with what appeared to be water. Well, the “water” turned out to be mosquito repellent and it must be working because we didn’t get bit at all.

kinich izamal mosquito repellent

Some reviews mentioned difficulty communicating in English, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. The menus are available in English too.

Menu from kinich in izamal Menu from Kinich el Sabor Drink menu from kinich el sabor

We started with a couple of Sol beers. A few crafts from Ceiba were on offer, but since everything sorta seemed like “lawnmower beer” to me, we went with the basic cheap option. When our drinks arrived, so did some complimentary, freshly made fried tortillas, along with three different salsas.

For entrees, we chose Relleno Negro and Cochinita Pibil. Both were very large portions, served with more of the homemade tortillas, although obviously this batch wasn’t fried. We certainly enjoyed our meals although I wouldn’t say that my cochinita pibil, a slow roasted pork dish, was drastically more rave worthy than elsewhere on the Yucatan.

In summary, the fare was definitely solid and reasonably priced, but I think the setting is the truly memorable aspect of dining here. I recommend Kinich El Sabor unconditionally and would absolutely return if ever in the area again.

Women making tortillas at kinich el sabor
You can watch the tortillas being made by hand.

Women making tortillas at kinich el sabor kinich izamal sign