Brewery Review: Wynwood Brewing Company in Miami

I spent Christmas 2017 visiting my parents in Miami. On Christmas Eve, my girlfriend Colleen and I headed over to the Wynwood neighborhood to photograph its famous walls and of course, partake in some craft beer. After first hitting up J. Wakefield, our next stop was Wynwood Brewing Company. Wynwood Brewing Company was the first brewery to open in Wynwood and also the first production brewery in the entire city of Miami.

Wynwood Brewing Company

565 NW 24th Street

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 982-8732

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The exterior of wynwood brewing company
The outside is pretty unassuming.

wynwood brewing company sign

And now let’s go inside to the tap room. Like everywhere else in Wynwood, there is some killer artwork.

wynwood brewing company tap room The interior of wynwood brewing company wall art at wynwood brewery company

I had to been to Wynwood Brewing Company once before, not too long after they first opened this space in 2013. I recalled the beers being solid, but a smallish selection of 5-6 cores. This was certainly not the case today, with 15 in-house brews on offer. Two of the signs had actually fallen off the board because of magnetic tape related issues. They weren’t two styles that I enjoy so I selectively forgot what they were – sorry!

beer list at Wynwood Brewing Company

We wound up getting a sampler containing IPA Three, Pull Pint Smash, BA Grand Pops, and Coquito. I love love loved every single one!

beer samples at wynwood brewing company

Both of the IPA’s were delicious and very balanced. They had a great piney/resin taste but just the right amount of fruit to avoid being too dry.

The Coquito stout was a perfect holiday beer. Whether intended or not, it reminded me exactly of those German lebkuchen spiced cookies which we’ve enjoyed at Christmas markets across Europe.

Quite a bit of the street art in Wynwood is Star Wars themed so I’ll end my series of Wynwood posts with one last impressive mural. This one is right across the street from Wynwood Brewing Company.

wynwood brewing company star wars mural