Brewery Review: J. Wakefield in Miami, Florida

On Christmas Eve, after photographing Wynwood’s iconic street art for a couple hours, I headed over to J. Wakefield brewing, one of four breweries in the Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. J Wakefield has a small parking lot and if it’s full, there is the ubiquitous PayByPhone street parking available for $1.50 per hour. Everything is so close that we just left our car parked over by Wynwood Walls and walked.

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The outside of J. Wakefield Brewing
The Star Wars theme is popular in Wynwood.

The exterior of J. Wakefield Brewing

And here is what the interior looks like.

The inside of j wakefield brewingThe bar at J. Wakefield Brewing

And most importantly, the beer menu! Lucky for us, they still had a few selections remaining from the special Christmas release a week earlier.

The menu at j wakefield brewing beer list at j wakefield brewing

We started with a couple of imperial stouts. I decided to go with Even More Nuts, a collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing in Brooklynn. I am huge fan of Evil Twin and in particular, their imperial stout Even More Jesus so I just had to try Even More Nuts. Although I have to say, I didn’t love it. Judging by the name, I knew it was going to be nutty of course, but this was really intensely nutty. I suspect this one would have been more enjoyable in a smaller pour, but they were not offering it in samples or a 5oz size.

Colleen selected the PB&Gaines which is brewed in collaboration with RAR Brewing in Maryland and styled after the fluffernutter bar baked treat. PB & Gains wasn’t nearly as nut-forward as Even More Nuts and the peanut butter was balanced out by copious amounts of cocoa and vanilla. This is a quintessential desert beer.

Glasses of dark beer at J. Wakefield Brewing
Even More Nuts and PB & Gains.

Lastly, we decided to share a 5oz pour of Beer Mule, an IPA reminiscent of a Moscow Mule cocktail. I actually really like ginger IPA’s (in small quantities) and this one was top-notch, although I didn’t get a ton of the citrus which was also supposed to be present. It was the perfect palate cleanser after having two big stouts.

Small glass of Beer Mule at J. Wakefield Brewing
Miniature Beer Mule.

Veza Sur Brewing

On the way to our next stop, Wynwood Brewing Company, we took a slight detour to check out Veza Sur, the newest addition to the Wynwood beer scene. Unfortunately, they were closed for Christmas Eve. I will definitely make it a point to visit Veza Sur the next time I’m in Miami, though. The space looked super inviting.

The veza sur brewing buildingOutside seating at Veza Sur Brewing

Painted dumpsters at Veza Sur Brewing Co.
Even the dumpsters are stylish in Wynwood.