Brewery Review: Palm City Brewing in Fort Myers, Florida

In December 2017, I visited Palm City Brewing in my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. I had been to Palm City Brewing once before during their “soft opening” several months ago and was definitely impressed. But between travel and everyday life getting in the way, I recently realized that I was way overdue for another visit to review how they’ve settled into their groove.

Location of Palm City Brewing

Palm City Brewing

7887 Drew Circle

Suite 130

Fort Myers, FL 33967

(239) 362-2862

Palm City Brewing is located in the southern reaches of Fort Myers, off Alico Road between US-41 and I-75. It’s pretty close (<15 minutes) to RSW airport as well.

Palm City Brewing Atmosphere

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The exterior of Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.
Nondescript industrial park location.


The entrance to Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.
Let the fun begin!

We arrived shortly after they opened at 4:00pm so I could take these photos before it got too crowded.

Tasting room at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.

The inside of Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.

In the rear of the building, they have more tables and some games like table shuffleboard, giant jenga, and cornhole. This space is open to the weather with large garage doors.

Games area at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.

Brewing equipment at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.
The brewing equipment (duh!).

The Beer at Palm City Brewing

The list of 15 in-house beers was pretty well rounded but I was left wishing for a seasonal beer or two. They also had four guest taps.

Beer list at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.

Beer menu at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.We started by ordering a taster with all five of their IPA’s, as well as Bob’s Imperial Porter.

Beer samples at Palm City Brewing in Ft. Myers.

The Last Laugh and Part Timer are pretty standard-issue IPA’s and to me, although solid enough, they just weren’t super interesting. If either of these are your faves, dissenting opinions are always welcome in the comments section!

I have often been accused of choosing beers based on high ABV and I guess I’m going to further cement that reputation because the real standouts for me were the Made You Look IPA and the Pile of Fun NE-style IPA.

Whether intentional or not, Made You Look delivered a very subtle but intriguing herbal undertone to my palate. I tasted faint hints of rosemary, sage, and thyme. Pile of Fun, on the other hand, was a well-executed, quintessential, juicy NE-style that is very much in vogue right now.

The remaining IPA was City Juice which wasn’t nearly as bright as Pile of Fun and as odd as this may sound, Colleen and I both picked up on a vague shellfish taste.

So last up was Bob’s Imperial Porter. Imperial stouts are probably my favorite style right now and by default, their close cousin, imperial porter. But I dunno, this one just wasn’t doing it for me. It drank a little lighter and thinner than I expected and I never would have guessed the abv to be as high as 9%. Those looking for something roasty and well balanced won’t be disappointed, but it just wasn’t the chewy boozer that I craved.

After the samples, we each ordered a full pour of our aforementioned favorites, a Made You Look for Colleen and a Pile of Fun for myself.

IPA's from Palm City Brewing
Made You Look IPA and Pile Of Fun NE IPA

To summarize, I really like the atmosphere at Palm City Brewing and would definitely recommend adding it to your short list of Fort Myers area breweries. And since they are barrel aging an imperial stout as we speak, I know my next visit will be sooner rather than later.